Ag2200 V Eagle P2 Valve

Advanced Protection: Shields against both mechanically and thermally generated particles, providing comprehensive respiratory safety.

Metal-Free Construction: Ideal for environments where metal contamination must be avoided.

Enhanced Comfort: Equipped with a soft inner lining for extended wear and comfort during use.

Efficient Ventilation: Features a valve that facilitates easier breathing, reducing heat and moisture buildup inside the respirator.

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Superior Noise Reduction: Provides an NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 23 dB and an EN SNR (European Standard Noise Reduction) of 30 dB for effective sound isolation.

Lightweight & Foldable Design: Weighs only 208 grams and features a foldable construction, making it easy to store and transport while minimizing wearer fatigue during extended use.

High Compliance: Fully meets AS/NZS 1337.1 specifications and achieves AS/NZS SLC80 29 dB Class 5 standards for auditory protection.

Slimline Construction: Sleek and compact design for ease of use and comfort, especially in tight spaces.

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Alpha Flex Black Nitrile

Robust Material: Constructed from heavy-weight 5.5 gram nitrile, designed to withstand rough and abrasive conditions.

Enhanced Grip: Features a micro-textured palm and fingers for superior grip performance, ensuring secure handling in various environments.

Increased Durability: Equipped with a beaded cuff that adds strength and prevents liquid roll-back, enhancing usability and safety.

Hygienic Solution: Powder-free to minimize the risk of product contamination, making them ideal for sensitive applications.

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