Cut Resistant Gloves


Material: Hhpe,Polyester and Glass Fiber, Highest Cut Level: 5:

Features: No pilling, soft and comfortable Ambidextrous

Pre Shrunk Machine Washable Washing recommended at 820c

Drying recommended at 650c

For Use In: Kitchens and Restaurants EN420.

EN388: 4541

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Eagle Cut 5 HDPE Cut Resistant Glove PU GDPUG

• Hdpe Polyester

• Highest Cut Level: 5

• Pu Coating Providing A High Degree Of Comfort When Performing Delicate Tasks In Greasy & Wet Work Environments Where The Risk Of Cuts Is High

APPLICATION: Work Environments With Risk Of Cuts And Punctures, Glass Handling, Sheet Metal Operations, Automo-tive Assembly, Construction, Injections, Moulding Operations. Standards: EN388: 4543
Sizes: 7-11

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Chain Mesh Glove

Code: GCM
Five fingers wrist gloves with textile strap Stainless chain mesh gloves.

* Reversible for left or right hand

* ID code for tracking service

* Flexible strap, adapts to all wrist to ensure comfort

* Adjustable metal fastener design

* EN1082-1:1996

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Cut resistant gloves are an essential part of hazardous work environments that require the use of sharp tools. Based on the nature of the job, workers may be exposed to the use of sharp tools on a regular basis. To ensure that the hands are well-protected while carrying out tasks, a high-quality cut resistant glove is absolutely necessary. Our range of hand protection includes cut resistant, grip gloves designed to shield the hands from injury resulting from steel, knives, and other types of tools with sharp edges. The gloves are created to offer the perfect fit and be comfortable. They enable easy finger movement so that the worker is able to carry out daily tasks with ease.     ​At ATS Global, we have a range of gloves, including nitrile gloves created specifically for work environments with a risk of cut. Based on the precise needs of your job, you can select a glove that offers protection while enabling you to work comfortably. We also provide a wide range of premium quality safety gears including protective clothing.   Whether you need impact gloves to prevent cut injuries or protective knitted gloves for handling tasks in high-risk work environments, we have your needs covered. In case, you have any queries related to our gloves, feel free to reach out to our team. We will be glad to assist you.