Synthetic Gloves

Black nitrile foam palm

• 13 Gauge Black Nylon Liner .

• Nitrile Coated, Providing Superior Grip In Wet and Dry Conditions.

• 100% Water Proof.

• Super Flexible.

• Excellent Grip In Oily Conditions.

EN388  4121

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ATS Global Health and Safety is home to a superior selection of nitrile gloves created to be used for a range of applications. Made from synthetic rubber, the gloves do not present the risk of allergic reaction to latex and are widely preferred for industrial use. Highly durable and comfortable, the gloves are resistant to tears, punctures and chemicals. If you require a high-quality grip gloves for demanding applications, our range of nitrile gloves are perfect for you.  At ATS Global Health and Safety, we wish to provide a wide variety of high quality personal protective equipment, including gloves that offer long-lasting protection required for tough jobs. Designed with an emphasis on your safety,  Available in different sizes, you can pick a glove that you are most comfortable using. In case you find it difficult to find the right gloves or need help in selecting one that is perfect for your job, we are here to help you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to know more about our protective gear