Special Grey Rigger (120 Pairs)



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  • Grey leather rigger gloves with 3-finger stitching are a type of hand protection device that are made of high-quality leather material.
  • They are commonly used in industries where hand protection against abrasions, cuts, and punctures is required, such as in construction, mining, and landscaping.
  • The 3-finger stitching on these gloves provides added durability and strength to the glove, making it more resistant to wear and tear.
  • Grey leather rigger gloves with 3-finger stitching are designed with a comfortable and flexible fit, allowing for better dexterity and grip.
  • They are available in a variety of sizes, from small to extra-large, to accommodate different hand sizes.

Sizing / Colours

8 9 10 11 12 / Grey

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A grey leather rigger glove with 3 finger stitching is a heavy-duty work glove designed to provide excellent protection for the hands during tough and rugged tasks. This type of glove is typically made from high-quality leather, which is durable and provides excellent resistance to abrasions, cuts, and punctures.

The grey color of the glove is often preferred for its ability to conceal dirt and grime, making it a practical choice for many work environments. The 3 finger stitching design provides additional reinforcement and durability to the glove, ensuring that it can withstand repeated use and heavy wear.

This type of glove is ideal for a variety of industrial applications, including construction, welding, mechanics, and more. When shopping for a grey leather rigger glove with 3 finger stitching, be sure to choose a product that is comfortable to wear and offers a secure fit. Look for gloves with reinforced palms and fingers, and be sure to choose a size that fits your hand properly for maximum protection and comfort.