P1V Dust/Mist Respirator (120 Units)



Performance Standards





  • P1 rated mask provides protection against dust and mist particles.
  • Metal-free design makes it suitable for use in environments where metal contamination is a concern.
  • Adjustable head strap ensures a secure and comfortable fit for various head sizes.
  • Lightweight design soft inner liner.
  • Compliant with Australian and New Zealand standards for respiratory protective devices.

Sizing / Colours

One size fits all White

Product data sheet

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The AG2100V P1 dust mist respirator with valve is designed to protect the wearer from inhaling hazardous dust, mist, and other airborne particles. It is commonly used in industrial settings, construction sites, and other workplaces where there is a risk of respiratory exposure to harmful substances. The AG2100 P1 respirator is a disposable half-face mask that covers the nose and mouth. It is made of a lightweight and comfortable material that allows for easy breathing while providing a secure fit. The respirator is designed to filter out at least 80% of airborne particles, including dust, mist, and other non-oil-based particles. The P1 rating of the AG2100 respirator means that it provides protection against low levels of dust and mist. It is not suitable for use in environments where there is a high concentration of hazardous particles or where there is a risk of exposure to gases or vapors. When using the AG2100 P1 respirator, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use and disposal. The respirator should be replaced when it becomes damaged, soiled, or difficult to breathe through. It is also important to ensure that the respirator fits properly and is adjusted to provide a secure seal around the nose and mouth