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  • Chain mesh gloves are a type of hand protection device that are made of interlocking stainless steel mesh rings.
  • They are commonly used in industries where hand protection against sharp edges, knives, and other cutting tools is required, such as in meat processing and food preparation.
  • Chain mesh gloves provide excellent protection against cuts and punctures, while allowing for flexibility and dexterity in hand movements.
  • They are designed to be lightweight and breathable, allowing for better comfort during extended use.

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Our chain mesh gloves are the perfect solution for hand protection in high-risk environments. Made from high-quality stainless steel, these gloves offer superior cut and puncture resistance, making them ideal for use in industries such as food processing, butchery, and meatpacking. The unique chain mesh design ensures maximum protection for your hands while allowing for full dexterity and flexibility, ensuring that you can perform your tasks with ease.

Our chain mesh gloves are easy to clean and sanitize, making them ideal for use in environments where hygiene is a top priority. The gloves are also corrosion-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. The adjustable wrist strap ensures a secure fit, preventing the gloves from slipping or sliding during use.

Our chain mesh gloves are available in various sizes to fit most hand sizes and come in both left and right-handed options. They are a must-have safety item for any workplace where hand injuries are a risk. Order your chain mesh gloves today and enjoy the ultimate in hand protection and safety.