3 Ply Medical Mask Ear Loop 2R (2000 Units)



Performance Standards





  • 3-ply level 2R medical masks are a type of face mask used in healthcare settings to protect against the spread of infectious diseases.
  • They are made up of three layers of materials, including a non-woven outer layer, a melt-blown middle layer, and a soft non-woven inner layer.
  • 3-ply  medical masks provides bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of at least 99% for airborne particles and droplets, making them effective in reducing the transmission of viruses and bacteria.
  • Protection against blood /fluid penetration 120mm hg
  • They are designed to be comfortable to wear, with ear loops or ties to secure the mask in place and a nose clip to provide a snug fit.

Sizing / Colours

One size fits all Blue

Product data sheet

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3-ply level 2R medical mask  is designed to be worn by healthcare professionals and patients to help prevent the spread of respiratory infections. It is made up of three layers of materials,  consisting of a non-woven outer layer, a middle layer made of melt-blown fabric, and an inner layer made of soft, non-woven material that is in contact with the face.

The outer layer of the mask is designed to repel water, blood, and other bodily fluids, while the middle layer is designed to filter out small particles such as bacteria and viruses. The inner layer of the mask is designed to be comfortable and soft against the skin.

In addition to filtering out airborne particles, 3-ply medical masks are also designed to help prevent the spread of respiratory droplets that may contain infectious agents. They are typically held in place with ear loops and can be disposed of after use.