Yellow Crimped Beret 21" (1000 Units)



Performance Standards





  • PP crimped berets are made from lightweight and breathable polypropylene material.
  • They are commonly used in healthcare and food service industries to prevent contamination.
  • The crimped design provides a secure fit and helps to keep hair in place.
  • PP crimped berets are disposable and cost-effective.
  • They are available in a range of colors, including white, blue, and green, Red and Yellow to suit different uniform requirements.

Sizing / Colours

53cm / Yellow

Product data sheet

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A disposable polypropylene crimped beret is a practical and hygienic head covering option. Made from lightweight and durable polypropylene material, it is ideal for use in industries where strict hygiene standards must be maintained, such as food processing or medical settings. Made with double elastic to offer extra durability. It is designed for single-use only and should be disposed of properly according to local regulations.