Protective Coveralls

Microporous Coverall Type 5/6

Eagle PECB coveralls  benchmark certified insures  superior performance. The PECB coveralls  have been designed for

workers involved in Stripping, Clean up or Handling

asbestos, General maintenance, Construction and

Contract cleaning
Sizes: M-5XL

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Sms Coverall type 5/6

Code:DCSMSEagle SMS coveralls have been designed for workers involved in Stripping, Clean up or Handling

Asbestos, General maintenance, Construction and

Contract cleaning.

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Protective clothing is absolutely necessary for workplaces that present potential hazards. Based on the nature of the job, a worker may be exposed to different types of risks arising from falling materials, contaminated air, extreme heat and cold or splashes of corrosive liquids. To prevent work-related injuries, it is important to be equipped with the right protective clothing and gear.

At ATS Global Health and Safety, we have a huge range of  protective clothing, to ensure that you are secure and comfortable at work. Specifically designed to shield employees from workplace hazards, our collection of clothing offers all-round protection for workers.  From pp coveralls to protection from radioactive contamination to coveralls for protection against airborne particulates, we have everything that you may require to stay safe at work.

We believe that the choice of protective clothing can make a huge difference to a worker’s safety and productivity. Our range is designed with an emphasis on comfort and practicality. The workwear is lightweight and ensures ease of movement to enable workers to carry out their daily tasks comfortably while staying protected.A high-quality protective clothing is the key to staying protected in the workplace. Your safety matters to us and it is our goal to bring you a superior range of protective clothing. We pride ourselves in offering safe and durable workwear to keep you safe in your working environment. We understand that every work environment is different and offer wide options to enable you to pick a protective workwear that best fits the demands of your job. Browse through our collection and you will be surprised to find the tremendous range in store for you. In case you are not able to find the protective clothing that you have been looking for or need help in selecting the right workwear, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.